March 31, 2017

The List: March 2017

How should we measure how long it's been since I posted here? In grilled cheeses consumed? In mornings I've woken up, opened my laptop and been confronted with a dozen opened tabs on Reddit's Unresolved Mysteries? In days that I've planned to FINALLY get my life in order, go to my apartment complex's gym/read 100 pages of a book/get back into the swing of my volunteer work only to lay in bed for 4 hours watching Broad City reruns on Hulu? All infinite. Hopefully none of you are TOO intimidated by my enviable blog-worthy life to continue reading my March favorites, list courtesy of my InStyle magazine.

Best Bag
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Choosing a "best" bag feels wrong, like choosing a favorite child or choosing any restaurant at all when your man is asking you where you want to grab dinner. I'll use this as an excuse to show off my newest Saint Laurent. It's this soft, buttery nude pink leather with a really substantially heavy silver chain.

I WILL say that Saint Laurent just might be my favorite bag designer as a whole. Something about them just feels so luxurious and sexy. I still feel kind of mortified for my YSL bags that I'm even allowed to touch them and carry them. They're just awe inspiring to me.

Standout Shoe
My equally new YSL Tribute Sandals
Like I said on Instagram, these feel like they could be shrunken down to itsy bitsy size and put into a Barbie Dreamhouse. They're that exact shade of bubblegum-neon-without-being-neon pink.

Eye Enhancer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance Palette
The burgundy heavy tones in this palette are perfect for bringing the green in my hazel eyes to the forefront.

Must Have Jewelry
BP baseball jacket varsity light jacket black and white
I'm obsessed with this light, cotton BP baseball jacket from Nordstrom - it feels like a grown up sweatshirt because it's so comfortable. I liked it even more once I pinned my late grandma's vintage brooch to it.

Restaurant Obsession
Convivial DC Shaw Best Dessert S'mores review
via Washingtonian's 100 Best Restaurants 
Convivial in Shaw, DC
Rather than pretend I can review a restaurant better than Washingtonian magazine, I'll just say I had the best dessert of MY LIFE at Convivial. There's a dish on the dessert menu that's simply called "S'mores" which is LAUGHABLY reductionist. You order Convivial s'mores and they bring you a creme brulee lava cake version of s'mores, where the caramelized sugar is toasted marshmallow topping covering up this decadent chocolate ice cream lava cake with graham cracker pieces. Don't get me wrong, I ate more than this one thing at Convivial. I think it was the first time I ate borscht -that they made into a quinoa dish - in a non Ukrainian setting and loved it which is no small feat in my book. But I am truly obsessed with the s'mores. If I had any modicum of self control I would cut sweets and desserts out of my diet and make Convivial's s'mores the sole exception once every few months. I've been out on a Friday night nearby and ended up in an argument because I insisted a little too strongly that we should abandon the bar and go to Convivial for s'mores before it closes. Fine. I've had that happen twice. It's worth it.

Top Travel Spot
Philadelphia Museum of Art Marcel Duchamp Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2
I have no tropical getaway for March to talk about - I did visit Philadelphia. The highlight was definitely seeing Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 in person at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first time. I had only been to that museum once previously in 2005 for an extensive Dali exhibit and had never wandered around the permanent collection before.

Hair Hair Hero
DryBar Triple Sec Dry Shampoo Spray
DryBar Triple Sec
One of the most appalling facts about my beauty routine is that I seldom manage to go more than a day without washing my hair. Trust me, I know. It's why my hair has the consistency of straw. I'm working on it and I've finally reached a stage where I can skip a day without my hair turning into an oil slick. I've added DryBar's Triple Sec to my routine as I try to stretch that time even further. I've read that applying a dry shampoo such as this to your roots BEFORE they have a chance to get greasy is key.

Go To Snack
As I walk through the valley of temptation (the Easter candy aisle at CVS) I turn to opal apples from Trader Joe's for solace. They're yellow, super sweet, ginormous apples - I buy about a dozen at a time whenever they're in season and eat one a day. Full disclosure, I have apparently fried off all of my taste buds through years of eating nothing but Sour Patch Kids and flavor blasted mega chocolate cookies so these apples are probably even sweeter and sugary-ier than I could possible realize.

Wawa iced tea Adidas sweatshirt
I also brought no less than a gallon of individually bottled iced tea from a Philadelphia Wawa to Alexandria.

Skincare Secret
Etude House Coenzyme Q10 Sheet Mask
Etude House Coenzyme Q10 Sheet Mask
I'm still honing my Korean skincare routine. I'm almost entirely committed to an all Korean skincare routine, aside from my makeup remover and cleanser. I'll post about my 8ish step process another time but, for now, will say I love this particular sheet mask. The Coenzyme Q10 mask has a milkier essence than most other sheet masks I've used which I like (less drippiness) and a pretty ideal fit for my face.

Signature Shades
I love the chunkiness (and total face hiding-ness) of these plastic Celine sunglasses from Saks Off Fifth in Metro Center. Did you know that Metro Center has a Saks Off Fifth NEXT DOOR to a Nordstrom Rack now? Totally screwed.