November 26, 2014

Nordstrom Rack Finds

My commute to work requires a bus transfer in a neighborhood that has a TJ Maxx, a brand new Marshalls, a World Market, an H&M, a Sephora, and a MAC all within a block of each other. I suffer every day, straining not to spend $500 per commute on discounted housewares and designer lipstick. The siren call that comes from the Nordstrom Rack is worse than all of the others combined. Sometimes I lay in bed and fantasize about breaking in there in the dead of night and loading my arms up with as much stuff as I can carry. That is my real go to fantasy to help me fall asleep. I don't even fantasize about an actual Nordstrom in this scenario, that's the kind of number the Rack has done on me.

As for things I actually have purchased and not fantasy stolen,
The ubiquitous House of Harlow 1960 leather station necklace. I'm about three years late on this trend.
Clearance rack tortoise shell earrings
This Tory Burch cosmetic bag might be my favorite birthday gift. Burgundy is almost a sleeper favorite color of mine. My best friend refers to it as my "power color" which I can see since it's a darker, moodier cousin of pink. The burgundy and butterfly combination on this bag made it love at first sight for me. Nordstrom Rack also had a navy blue flowered version which was prettier but I cannot choose against butterflies, ever. The main selling point is that this cosmetic case is enormous. It's big enough to take on a week long trip where I can fill it with not only my essentials, but some nail polish and palettes as well. Bigger items like Urban Decay setting sprays and MAC Fix+ can get dumped in there pretty easily as well. My old makeup bag was hard to zip up with only my daily face products in it so this roomier case is an upgrade. I'm going to test drive it this weekend when I go up to Jersey and see how much of my beauty regimen can actually be shoved in there.

I was so excited to find this candle. I recognized the hobnail jar was similar to a really fantastic candle I had impulse bought over the summer. There was no tag on either so I had to sleuth around the internet to figure out the brand was Simpatico. These are easily my favorite candles because the scents are always so rich and girly and the throw is great. I grab them whenever Nordstrom Rack has them for $14 or so but they're available at places like Anthropologie for $28. You know a candle is legitimate if Anthropologie sells it - Anthropologies always smell like what your home smells like in your fantasies of a totally put together, adorable life.

I don't know if you could tell but the lavender hobnail jar holding my brushes was one of these guys. The scent was "butterfly orchid" and I'm so mad that that descriptor is so vague because the smell was so god damn amazing that I want to live in a greenhouse of whatever butterfly orchids it was. This silver mercury jarred one is a vanilla/snowberry scent. The wax is also super creamy so it smells good even when the wick isn't lit. The jars are really easy to clean out and repurpose, like I did with the lavender one, too.

Peach suede crisscross slingback heels from Chinese Laundry. I wore these with jeans and a gray top to my birthday dinner at Founding Farmers which was one of the most gluttonous experiences of my entire life. I made multiple reservations for dinner at a few different places in case I had a last minute change of mind. I initially chose another place but ending up running late and defaulting to my later reservation at Founding Farmers. Completely serendipitous because my meal there was so good. People were also celebrating their birthday on either side of my table so I was eyeballing their desserts during my meal but ended up being too stuffed once my meal was over. They had fucking red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, the only kind of cake I actually love, and I couldn't stand to order it. I had THE best crab cakes I ever had in my life for dinner with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes. I was expecting the food there to be a bit overrated but I was practically Hoovering the scraps off the plate.

I also got a gorgeous, striped sweater dress from French Connection which I can't photograph because it literally no longer fits after eating like that for my birthday. I sized down because my actual size was a bit long so the dress just looks a lot like sausage casing right now.

Take note that none of these purchases are makeup. I'm on a 6 month makeup no buy which started at the beginning of October. The Lorac Mega Pro released then and the whole ordeal was just too much for me. For those who might not know, the Mega Pro was a limited edition, highly sought after eyeshadow palette that sold out online in a matter of hours. I set alarms so I could wake up in time to purchase it and spent a few hours just refreshing the website and frantically inputting my credit card information once it became available. That's behavior I indulged in when I was 16 and buying concert tickets. I should not be a grown woman doing that over eyeshadow, especially when I already have more eyeshadow than I can feasibly use. I bet I could never purchase eyeshadow again in my life and still have colorful eyelids until I'm a senior citizen. So, I've banned myself from purchasing makeup until March of 2015 unless I a. run out of something I wear everyday, like concealer, and there is absolutely no concealer of any kind whatsoever in my stash/collection/hoard or b. it's fake eyelashes or brushes. It just has to stop. I'm at the point where I go to Zara or pretty much any clothing store that isn't Forever 21 and balking at the idea of paying $60 for a pair of pants. I will easily drop $60 on an eyeshadow palette but $60 for one pair of pants is obscene to me. Be a grown woman, Vanessa, and stop paying $15 for pants at stores that are selling sweatshirts with "BAE" printed on them. I'm exasperating.

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