April 30, 2014

My Vanity

This is what a fucked up joke my makeup table has been for about six months.

 Ikea Lack Coffe Table Makeup Storage

That's my coffee table which is also my dining room table which was also my vanity.

My boyfriend is a gamer. You're probably thinking you understand and that your boyfriend is too and he was totally addicted to Grand Theft Auto V but you probably don't understand. My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment a week before our stuff got here. We only packed the essentials aka what fit in his mom's SUV and drove it down and moved in like that. No furniture, no cable, no internet. Aside from our clothes and toiletries we had the stuff for our bathroom, an air mattress and our TV so we could watch Netflix via my boyfriend's wireless phone tether. That, and my boyfriend's enormous desktop computer, two monitors, speaker system and the rest of his equipment. We went to IKEA the next day and got three things - our Expedit shelving unit, my Alex drawers for my makeup, a desk for my boyfriend and a cheap desk. For a week our apartment was literally an air mattress laying on the floor in front of a TV, an empty Expedit and Alex pushed off to the side and my boyfriend's desk with his dual monitored desktop computer. He had his gaming computer totally and completely set up here before we had our couch or our bed.

His computer itself is so big it's practically a piece of furniture in this apartment. We're just unfortunate to each have a hobby that requires separate pieces of furniture. A lot of boyfriends don't have girlfriends who have two separate drawer systems to hold all of their makeup and nail polish, you know? That's not entirely normal.

So, my makeup space has been suffering for years, plural years, at this point. I've mostly been leaning over my dresser which got old pretty fast. The standing, the leaning, the makeup scattered all over the top of my dresser, all of it. So, about six months ago, I moved all of my every day makeup, hair and nail polish stuff to the only place I could - the coffee table. The whole thing was so messy. My mirror was just sitting to the side of our couch on the floor and there were always products all over our coffee table, sometimes while we were eating dinner. 95% of my products were across the room in my Alex and I never used them so things got basic pretty quickly. Just doing my makeup and my nails and my hair at the coffee table/dining room table every single day for six months. The coffee table is also $40 from IKEA so it's not necessarily made to withstand so much weight which is why it broke, as pictured. All of our furniture, literally all of it, is IKEA. Don't worry about it.

My boyfriend finally cracked along with our coffee table and became a man possessed with getting me a little desk. The table broke and he just stood up and was like "WHERE'S THE MEASURING TAPE, WE CAN FIND ROOM FOR A DESK FOR YOU, THIS IS RIDICULOUS." and drove us to IKEA at the first possible opportunity. We picked up a Micke white desk for about $50.

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage

It's by no means stylish because we only had room for literally the tiniest desk they sell and had to wedge it in the corner. All of my furniture is just kind of in a cramped line against a wall and it's incredibly obvious we shoved something new in because things on the wall aren't centered against the furniture anymore. Whatever, temporary apartment. Everything in our "bedroom" aka everything beyond our Expedit shelves is just pretty obviously mine at this point. My dresser, my makeup and nail polish drawers, my vanity/desk, a girly bed and my nightstand. I've decided this means it doesn't matter if I replace our lamps on this side with whatever I want because these lamps are the worst. I told my boyfriend this and he was like, "What's wrong with this lamp?? We got it at Ace Hardware!" Exactly.

These are going to be the new lamps.

Target is so next level with their adult 13-year-old girl collection. I just assume that's what it's called because that's what it is. Everything is pink or purple or flowery or gold and I want all of it. A gold, foil butterfly lamp??? wherehaveyoubeenallmylife-rhianna.mp3!!

This hot pink tufted bench is part of it and my ass would be planted on it right now if it were possible. All you single ladies better take advantage of this kind of stuff. Having someone who loves and cares about you but also likes leather couches is the worst.

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage
I'm just dead over my little set up. I haven't had a desk in three to four years. I don't even care that it's small or shoved into a corner or that my chair is black and about $10 (from IKEA, of course). I'll be able to have a bigger space eventually. I just love having a space that's mine. I can sit and do my makeup!!!!!! I can leave all my makeup lying around. I can make the area so feminine that your testicles will retreat up into your body when you look at it. I can hang up all the art that creeps my boyfriend out.

Pretty much my pathos. Just my being. A Barbara Kruger postcard against a frivolous Kate Spade tag that says "all that glitters". Barbara Kruger would hate me.

I'm sitting here right now in my fluffy Hello Kitty pajama pants, drinking coffee out of my Hello Kitty mug, listening to music on my pink headphones and typing this up on my pink computer. Just living that Julia Allison life.

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage
The best thing is the drawer which holds so much that I don't know what to do with it. I full on cleared out two drawers of my Alex and fit it in here. All of my palettes are in here now which is great because they'll actually get used now instead of me just reaching for my Nakeds over and over. I have all my palettes, Nars shadows, blushes and eyeliners and I could fit even more if I wanted to.

 IKEA Micke Desk Vanity Makeup Storage
I also adore my inspiration board that I'm constantly adding things to. This is how my vanity looks right now. Because I wrote the rest of this post in February and forgot about it. Oops. I tried to deceive you all but I think its best to be honest. Not updating or editing to make it fit with my current life. I'm sorry. I moved my lipstick holder and added a little Linus storage bin from the Container Store to keep all of my daily essentials. I'm also constantly trying to rotate the drawer out. I've discovered if I keep ONE palette inside the drawer along with my essential Naked palette then that ONE palette will actually get some use. My Alex drawer system also serves its intended makeup storage purpose this way.

This vanity/desk is my little oasis and I love it. This little corner is like my own little hideout. Like my version of a giant underground hideout filled with sharks who I feed my enemies to. Except all I do is put on makeup and read ONTD and blog.

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