April 25, 2014

An Assortment of Prints I'm Coveting

 Monarch Butterflies in Flight, Michoacan, Mexico by Frans Lanting
I love the contrast between the blue and the orange. This would make a great enormous statement piece. In my brain, I see this blown up and hung over the bed in a guest bedroom or something. This is because I could never commit to that kind of "one statement making piece of art" kind of lifestyle for a living room or something. I need a gallery wall and I need that because it's not acceptable to plaster every square inch of your walls with posters when you're 23.

 Pernicious Anemia
I suffer at the hands of anemia. I suffer extra as an iced tea lover. No lie, when I'm drinking something it's either water, tea (hot or iced), coffee or a vodka based alcoholic drink 100% of the time. I'm always drinking iced tea but, OF COURSE, tea inhibits iron intake which makes anemia even worse. I'm always bruised and always exhausted, so much so that my family was once worried that I had leukemia. I was just so lethargic and sick that it seemed like I could have a disease that was putting me near death but NO just iron deficiency. Just needed some vitamins. I love how adorable and girly this print makes anemia look. It's almost like pink animal print instead of a disease that makes you want to take a nap.

Kate Moss/Surfer Butt by Mario Testino
I am obsessed with this photo. Obsessed. I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe I just love butts. I'm kidding, I don't know. Just something about it appeals to my eye. It's really not the butt. I give up.

 The Butterfly by Pablo Picasso
Picasso has an assortment of great, graphic line work like this. My second favorite is one that depicts a wiener dog. Obviously, I'd pick the butterfly over that because butterflies are as important to me as they are to Mariah Carey.

Water Serpents I, Gustav Klimt
 IKEA sells an ubiquitous Water Serpents Klimt canvas which is hanging over my bed as I type this. Art.com sells this version of the print which you can order as a stretched canvas and blown up to the same size as its IKEA counterpart. How good would these look hung on opposing walls in the same room?

Colors 60 by Jen Ramos of Cocoa and Hearts
I love how this looks like swatches of make up. It would be great leaned against a vanity top. The artist has a ton of variations of this but I just love the colors of this particular one. It's just the right amount of soft, feminine and glitzy.

This is my #1 home decor lemming right now. I saw this idea on The Pursuit of Style a couple months ago and have not gotten it out of my head since. I love the idea of hanging all of the constellation maps of the zodiac signs grouped together. I am a woman possessed by it. I'll probably just settle for my sun sign (Scorpio) and my moon sign (Aquarius) hung up together because I don't have the room for 12 prints. Additionally, I don't have the $$ for antique French framed prints. Luckily, the above Etsy seller makes copies that she sells at prints BONUS!! from Ukraine. I just love how antique they look and the idea of them being maps, but maps to the stars. I'm growing kind of uncomfortable with how astrology obsessed I am. I feel like I'm going to start paying to get my aura cleansed and sleeping with crystals under my pillow at the full moon or something.

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