December 11, 2013

Totally Bamboo State Cutting Boards Revisited

See this cutting board displayed as art has had my brain working overtime. Why am I excluding myself from owning the New Jersey one? Who am I to prevent myself from greatness?

I'm going to make sure the New Jersey version makes it's way into my life at some point. I have a number of potential plans for it when it does:
  • Decoupage it with photos of Bruce Springsteen circa the 1980's, particularly the Born in the USA era
  • Add on some other Jersey icons like Meryl Streep and Jason Alexander, maybe.
  • Cover it with Mod Podge, dunk it in high quality silver glitter and cover it in Mod Podge again
  • Write a list of reasons why New Jersey is great all over it and use it as a New Jersey shaped slab of wood to smack people around with when they say untrue, hateful things about the state as a whole
  • Use it as a palette to mix nail polish colors for my nail art endeavors
I've been really limiting myself by taking these cutting boards at face value. These are bamboo cut outs of states that can become anything that you want them to be. I really want you all to know that because that information was almost lost on me. It's a whole new world.

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