December 6, 2013

November Spoils

My birthday bouquet from my family, slightly after some wilting occurred. Yes, that button does say Vote for Vodka and I hope you take the message to heart.

Additions to my earring collection. The first are Givenchy and remind me of more grown up versions of these crystal Guess earrings I wore to prom and then sub-sequentially the entire weekend down the shore afterwards and for six more years after that. The middle pair is Nordstrom brand and I consider these wire and bead types of chandeliers to be my casual earrings. The last ones are my absolute favorite earrings, ever, from my boyfriend's mom. Can you believe White House Black Market made them? I guess that means you could be a First Lady in those earrings. I use them as a departure from my normal Jersey trash earrings and have received compliments on them from both a 3 year old boy and a Sephora saleslady. The appeal is obviously universal.

A very generous birthday gift from my boyfriend's mom. It's a weekend bag and I'll actually be inspired to pack light for once or twice in my life so I can use it. Or maybe I'll just use it as luggage for my beauty products. That's a better idea.

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