December 8, 2013

Gift Ideas for Guys

 I feel like someone asks me every year what to get their boyfriend. Maybe not me specifically. But every year someone complains around me that they don't know what to get their new boyfriend for Christmas. I feel like I'm a seasoned pro at this so here's a pretty varied list. Almost all have been gifted and approved of by guys in my life. Buy them, gift it and take all the credit for the idea. I got you.

Jaybird Wireless Headphones
This is a good gift for a tech obsessed guy or pretty much any guy who has a smart phone. He can leave your phone in your pocket and take calls via these bluetooth headphones. Even better, he can listen to apps like Spotify without getting tangled up in some wire connected to his back pocket. This would probably be especially good for the gym. I'm just assuming. It's not like I go to the gym. Available in both over the head and earbud styles.

J Crew Broken In Tees
These tees are available in every color of the rainbow and then some. They're a great basic that fit pretty much any guys style and look nicer than a 5 for $10 Hanes white tee. They're also super comfy and soft so you can be sure that whatever guy you buy these for will actually wear them.

Bleu de Chanel
This cologne is more like a present for you because it smells incredible (both citrus and woody at once) so this is kind of cheating. However, we live in a world where men buy their wives and girlfriends impractical lingerie as gifts so I'm the last person who is going to side eye you.

Whiskey Stones
This is only if you've gotten to the point in your life where you've realized that you're better than dating frat bros whose homes constantly reek of Natty Ice. These will keep drinks cold without watering them down.

The Sriracha Cookbook
I'm sure there's a guy in your life who puts this on everything and is always rifling through his kitchen, looking for the next thing he can concoct solely in the name of putting hot sauce on it. Enter this cookbook to give some kind of method to that madness.

The Walking Dead Graphic Novels/Video Game
What is it with guys and zombies? Seemingly all of them are into the idea of a zombie apocalypse. It's kind of worrying. Why do none of them realize there would be no more internet and their moms would probably be dead? Whatever. Check to see if your guy has played The Walking Dead video game or read the graphic novels if he's into the immensely popular AMC show. You can buy the first 8 volumes in one shot.

The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin
You're probably safe in assuming that your guy loves Teddy Roosevelt if he's at all into history. Get him a cool, new book about arguably the most badass president there ever was.

A Framed Picture
The average straight guy is pretty hopeless when it comes to decorating. They buy novelty shower curtains and hang flags on their walls. I've seen them use cardboard boxes as furniture. I like to think that they just don't know where to begin and that their moms are unable to help because they don't realize how bad it truly is. has a massive selection of prints and posters that you can pair with a cheap Ikea Ribba frame. Boom, something he can hang on his wall to make his disgusting bachelor pad a little homey. Search for photographs of the city he studied abroad in during college if you're in doubt about what to get. They even have generic close up prints of basketball nets and golf balls. It seems foolproof to me.

When all else fails:

Anything Sports Related
Duh. I feel like you're home free if your boyfriend, brother, dad, father in law, grandpa, cousin, whatever is into sports. It doesn't matter what he's into: football, college football, basketball, college basketball, baseball, hockey, you get the picture. Browse his favorite team's online store and just load the cart up. I do this when I know my boyfriend needs something specific, like another pair of sweatpants. Wouldn't he like them more if they weren't just sweatpants but Brooklyn Nets sweatpants? That's just what I assume and it hasn't steered me wrong yet. You can also find unique gifts this way. One of the things I'm most looking forward to getting for my boyfriend is a cutting board modeled after the Barclays Center court. You can give all sorts of useful gifts to guys by disguising it with a favorite sports team. When in doubt? A jersey will probably do the trick. I jumped on a new KG swingman jersey as soon as they were released over the summer for my boyfriend's birthday (as much as it pained me to do as a Celtics fan). He was complimented on it at a preseason game and was pretty much the only person who had one at that point which I'm hoping made him feel kind of spesh. For something extra special, check out Olympic jerseys -you could strike gold with this if your guy is a hockey fan.

That's all I got. Good luck.

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