December 10, 2013

Anthropologie Gift Ideas for Under $20

There are some inexpensive gems you can find at Anthropologie that would make great, unique gifts for the holiday season. I especially love the idea of giving these items as host/hostess gifts for whomever's home you'll be visiting for the holidays. Really, I love the idea of gifting Anthropologie in general because I think the best gifts are ones that are too frivolous and impractical for someone to buy for themselves. Here are four solid gift ideas, all for less than a $20 bill.

  Anthropologie gift ideas celestial coaster blue rose

I've already blogged about these coasters. They are have to see them to believe them level beautiful. I invested in two of them during a trip to Vegas earlier this year which, in retrospect, was a stupid idea. Who buys two coasters? Just two like you're Howard Hughes and never have guests over who might want to put their drinks down too? I quickly realized my error and scoured the stores for more turquoise coasters to match mine. I came up short every time. I considered purchasing online but, as I've said before, this is a purchase you really want to make in store so you can pick and choose the best ones from the bunch. Every coaster is unique and I didn't want to get stiffed with a crappy one. I was also constantly lusting after the other colors in the stores but I didn't want to have random, unmatching coasters like I'm some crazed hoarder who can't control myself from buying things just because they're pretty. I don't want guests knowing that about me.

I found my solution in the comment section of Anthropologie's website.* Someone mentioned that a salesgirl suggested buying all different colors so that guests could remember where their drink was. That's so obvious and so genius at the same time. Why didn't I think of that in the first place? They match each other because they're all colorful, geological coasters. It's actually better that you go buckwild and get whatever colors you want. I picked up the following two with that in mind:

  Anthropologie gift ideas celestial coaster blue rose
  Anthropologie gift ideas celestial coaster blue rose

I love that dark blue one. The design reminds me of something you'd see swimming across the screen on a documentary about the deepest parts of the ocean, like something bioluminescent in the inky, dark water. These coasters would make a great gift simply because of how different they are. Where have you seen coasters that look like that, ever? It's also guaranteed to be a unique gift just because no two coasters are even the same. They'll be eye catching just sitting on your recipient's coffee table. They come in sets of 4 for $32 on the website but I'd go to the store and buy individual ones in different colors for $8 each instead.

 Anthropologie gift ideas monogram coffee tea mugs S V

You've probably seen these mugs already because they're ubiquitous in the blogging community. I feel like everyone with a lifestyle blog has one of these initial mugs, usually filled with colorful pens on their desk. It cracks me up because I've had my V mug since 2008 and that's not bragging about my taste at all. I didn't pick this mug out. My mom saw these mugs and thought they were adorable and bought the V mug for me 3 full years before they started popping up all over the internet. She's even bought them for any roommates because she thought it was cute for everyone in the household to have their own initial mug. Look at that photo. My mug is so old that it's significantly larger than the ones they've been selling since 2012. My mom has a great eye and really good taste, honestly. She would be a good blogger, especially if America ever goes through a major 70's revival.

The regular version of these mugs make great gifts, especially for roommates (significant others count as roommates in this case) or coworkers since it also gives you an excuse to buy a matchy present for yourself. They're also understated, which makes them a safe gift option - no one is going to tell you that they hate typography or their own initial or a plain, black and white mug. If they do, cut all ties with that person immediately because they have a personality worse than wallpaper paste and I'm willing to bet there's at least one human head in their freezer.

However, if you're like me, the word "understated" makes you gag and this option is way more attractive.

The same mug, except with metallic gold detailing instead of black. I'm a very ostentatious person so I love the Wayne Newton living room-y combination of white and gold. These mugs cost $10.00, $2 more than the regular black and white version, and are limited edition. Your best bet is to order these online, especially if you're looking for an initial that's even slightly unusual. I haven't seen a gold V in my Anthropologie even once and you better believe I've checked upwards of a dozen times. You know I'd get down to brass tacks when it came to finding a metallic mug with a V on it. So, if you're a V or an X, Y, Z or something similar, stick to online shopping.

I don't own this little giraffe catch all dish but I have it on good authority that all that's about to change by December 25th. My review comes from seeing it in the above photo and once in the actual store. It just looks adorable and again, I love that white and gold color scheme, especially with the polka dots. You could probably lie and tell visitors that it's Kate Spade if they see it on your dresser and they'd believe you if you got really defensive about it. I have no idea how Anthropologie manages to make a color scheme like white and gold look demure and only moderately glamorous instead of outright tacky but the proof if right before your eyes.

I am a woman possessed by zodiac items this year. It would probably be better at this point if I was talking about the serial killer that terrorized California in the 1970's instead. I want almost everything that features some kind of astrological print. This scarf has been in my bookmarks for weeks and weeks and I'm truly afraid that I'm going to crack one day and actually spend $70 on it. I don't know what about all this zodiac stuff is so appealing to my eyes but who am I to fight it? These notepads are only $7 each, colorful and fun. Plus, everyone always needs a notepad for grocery lists, transcribing your thoughts and dreams or meth fueled religious scribblings.

*Honestly, I feel people who review things online are the real heroes. The ones that are really candidates for sainthood are the ones who review everything they buy. Everything. Me, I'm the kind of person who can't bring themselves to make a Yelp profile because I know I'll only use it to give one star reviews. Of PF Changs, because that's the only place where I've truly eaten a 1 star meal. But I would not be objective and write middling reviews. I would only be moved to log in out of pure rage or ecstasy, not after a standard customer service experience or a sushi joint that was simply average. Yet, there are people who do exactly that. They leave 2, 3 and 4 star reviews of sunglasses on Forever21 and coffee machines on and shampoo on They order something online that is okay, not great, does it's job and has no noticeable defects and they let me know that from their little corner in this world, all so I can know if it's worth it for me to pay $3 for a black tank top. That's so altruistic when you actually think about it. I deeply appreciate this kind of person because I rely heavily on product reviews when I online shop. I never, ever write them myself which is mad selfish of me. I can't really say for sure that I'm doing something more valuable with my time that could be spent writing online reviews. I try to make up for it by really respecting the people who use their time that way, though.


  1. I've been looking for some nice coasters to buy. Merry Christmas to me!

    1. They are my obsession, truly. I'm almost at the point where I drink things just so I can use them rather than to stay hydrated/alive.