November 1, 2013

Review: Turbie Twists

 As Seen On TV Turbie Twist Leopard Cheetah Hair Towel

Most As Seen On TV Items are pretty useless. We all know this. Some of the best comedy I've seen in months is that commercial for the Air Curler that just spins your hair around uselessly in a hunk of pink plastic and leaves you with a pathetic looking, frizzy curl. I once worked somewhere that sold the GenieBra and no lie, customers returned that more than any other product in the store and usually bitched about it throughout the whole transaction as if I was the one who told them it would be a good idea to buy underwear from a drugstore. Who really lives the kind of life that caters to infomercials? I have enough time to chop up vegetables without paying $19.95 plus shipping and handling for a gadget that will save me 2 minutes of work, thank you very much. I don't feel ashamed to admit it.

That being said, the best thing As Seen On TV has ever brought into the world (besides this compilation video) is the Turbie Twist. Initially, it seems like kind of a useless thing to spend money on. You already own towels (unless you're some kind of non consumerist weirdo, in which case what are you doing on my blog? Do you need assistance?) so why spend money on some gimmicky head towel?

I'm here to let you know you should buy that gimmicky head towel. First of all, wasting an extra towel on your hair is for hotel guests. Hotels even guilt you about that nowadays with those little cards they put in the bathroom that talk about wasting water and the environment and our planet's resources. Nowhere is safe anymore.

And honestly, putting a giant, bulky towel around your head sucks. It's something you do out of necessity despite how uncomfortable it makes you feel, like taking giant horse vitamins or trying on pants before you buy them. You have to kind of precariously balance a giant wad terrycloth on your head and constantly rewrap it every time it slumps over. I don't know about you but I last about 5 minutes with a towel on my head before I take it off out of frustration and let my long hair drip all over my t shirt instead.

Turbie Twists make my life so much easier. They're these cotton, teardrop shaped towel with a little elastic loop. Pretty straightforward - you put the circular part around your head, twist your hair up into the longer section and slip it behind your head through the elastic loop that sits at the nape of your neck. The loop locks the towel firmly in place so it doesn't constantly come undone like a regular towel always seems to do. The Turbie Twist is so snug against your head that you can even pull a t shirt over your head without disturbing it. You can bend over in these things and they'll stay in place. Do you realize what kind of freedom that gives you? It's a whole new world. Overall, the biggest bonus for me is that Turbie Twists are so lightweight and don't make me feel like my neck is going to snap under its weight. It's still super absorbant and actually dries my hair a lot better than a regular towel. That may be because I can actually sit for longer than the length of a TV commercial with a Turbie Twist on my head. My only gripe is that they're not long enough for my mid-back length hair but, hey, life isn't perfect.

I started out with one Turbie Twist and quickly bought 3 more - two white, one leopard print and one pink with white flowers. They make all kinds of colors and prints. It's well worth getting one for every day of the week at $6 each - less even, if you stick to the plain white ones. You'll be able to sit around in your towel or bathrobe for about triple the time you normally do with these little things around your head and you won't even have to throw an extra towel in the wash when you're done. Less than ten bucks - that's a good price to put on that level of blissful laziness.

I really recommend grabbing one of these the next time you're in the drugstore. They feel kind of weird to use initially but you'll get over it pretty fast and start packing them when you go on trips and wanting them to meet your parents and stuff. It will be a whirlwind romance and you'll never be able to go back to regular towels. Regular towels will be like your ex who seemed great at the time but then you realized he had a nasally laugh and wore body spray past the age of 17 and always acted like he was smarter than you. Turbie Twists are your new boyfriend who totally doesn't mind running out to get you a box of tampons and makes you breakfast in bed just because and you just sit there thinking about all the time you spent with your ex and what a waste it was and how awful it is that you once thought that he was the best you could do.

Or, Turbie Twists will definitely improve a minor portion of your everyday life. That's what As Seen On TV is supposed to do, right?

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