November 13, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder

Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder Wallet Keychain Key Ring Wine Red

I've been looking for a miniature wallet for a while with two stipulations - a window for my SmartTrip card and a key ring. I had been keeping my SmartTrip in my purse pockets which was a problem whenever I decided to switch bags. I ended up with a bus pulling up just as I realized my card was in the wrong bag once and once was enough for me. I also wanted the key ring for consolidation - just one item I could potentially grab and go out the door with knowing it would have my keys, my SmartTrip, my debit card and license. This never happens to me because I always cram as much as possible into my purse* and feel panicked if I have to leave home without something I could potentially need, like 20 different colored pens or 5 lip products. One day, maybe.

My solution came in the form of the Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder. Rebecca Minkoff is a fairly new handbag designer who has kind of exploded in popularity in the past two years, mostly due to YouTube beauty gurus flashing her bags in every other video. The popularity is for a good reason - her designs are cute without being fussy and kind of come across as trendy and classic at the same time. You've probably seen the ubiquitous Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch at some point:

 Comes in every color or pattern imaginable and in small, medium and extra large sizes and can be worn crossbody or with the chain strap doubled up. There's even 5 inner and outer pockets on these things. It's a good going out bag and a good everyday bag. It's almost too practical. That pretty much sums up every one of Rebecca Minkoff's designs.

 Like these small leather Cory Pouches which are amazing for organizing all the junk in your purse OR can be used a wallet.

Or the Wallet On a Chain for people who travel so light that it's beyond my means of comprehension.

I troll the Rebecca Minkoff website on a monthly basis to see if there's any new colors or designs that I love and came across something I actually needed instead. Behold, the Molly Metro Holder, a wallet specifically made to grant easy access to your subway or bus pass.

Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder Wallet Keychain Key Ring Wine Red

Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder Wallet Keychain Key Ring Wine Red
LOOK AT THAT FAT STACK OF CAAAASH. It's like $23 and I just bought Chinese food with it, don't worry about it.
There are two inside pockets (one just big enough to shove a couple cards into and one big enough for cash) a zippered pocket for change. The top flap folds over and snaps closed.

Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Holder Wallet Keychain Key Ring Wine Red

There's another hidden pocket behind the metro card slot where I stick my ID for easy access before I go out. The cards stay pretty firmly in place and I haven't had any dislodge themselves yet.

My only complaint is the material - it's a textured plasticy feeling leather instead the buttery soft leather you kind of expect when you're paying for a designer name. It kind of worked in my favor because I'm constantly throwing this wallet into my purse, jamming it into my coat pockets, tossing it into puddles of beer on the bar and just generally being rough with it. A soft leather wallet would have stains, scratches and pen marks all over it by now. This little guy is durable.

My one true complaint is that I didn't see that it came in this color before purchasing my reddish brown version:

It even has a blue leopard print interior. Couldn't I just kill myself? I had to be all mature and pick out a wine color instead of holding out for a metallic rose gold. I am the worst.

*A doorman at a bar literally said, "Girl, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" when he checked my bag the other weekend and saw I had about 7 individual packets of crackers in there. Whatever.

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