November 8, 2013

Knock Knock "All Out Of" Pad

 Knock Knock All Out Of Magnetic List Pad Organization

Knock Knock is kind of a niche stationary company. You've probably see their sticky notes and notepads in gift shops. They make a lot of joke lists that are fun to laugh about in a store but has the kind of novelty that isn't always worth $6 and tax.

Like, that's hilarious to read out loud to your friend in the store but it's going to get old the third time I use it in the real world. I'm going to check 10 for Level of Smugness every time and it won't be funny anymore. However, Knock Knock also makes some more serious organizational items. They have a packing list and a to do list but I think their stand out product is their grocery shopping companion, the All Out Of list.

I was kind of skeptical when I first got this version of their notepad. It's a surprisingly thorough little checklist pad that's meant to be used as a grocery list. The pad comes with a magnet attached to the back so you can stick it to your fridge. Food and household items are sorted by category with some extra lines for your wacky write ins. I thought I'd just stick it to the fridge, use it twice and that it would kind of languish there afterwards. At the end of the day, you can just write a grocery list with a pen and paper like a normal person. Or nag your roommate or significant other about how you're out of toilet paper or hand soap and have a fight about it after they forget for the 10 MILLIONTH TIME, IT'S LIKE THEY'RE DOING IT ON PURPOSE! IF YOU CARED ABOUT ME THEN YOU'D REMEMBER!

How wrong was I? I've had this for 2.5 months and I have no idea how I lived without it. It's genius. Open your fridge and see there's no butter left? Your checklist is staring you in the face from the freezer door. You can check off the little "butter" box then and there and you won't have to wrack your brain for things you're missing and inevitably still forget the one thing you really needed once you're at the store. It's also amazing to have when you're hunting through the kitchen for a snack - you know you don't have what you're craving at that moment because that's just not how your life works. Voila, you jot it down on this checklist and remember to pick up whatever it is the next time you go shopping. You then just rip the sheet off the pad and take it with you to the grocery store, throw it out and start the process all over again.

 Knock Knock All Out Of Magnetic List Pad Organization

This is a really stellar item for anyone but it will make even more of a difference depending on how many people you live with. Your roommate can check off that you're all out of string cheese once they polish off the last of yours - boom, you know it's gone before you even open the fridge. Does one person do all the shopping in your house? This will make their life a lot easier because they'll have a list compiled over the course of a week or more AND it will represent the needs of everyone in the family. Are you really smug? This is a perfect way to win arguments. If anyone complains that "you" forgot to buy milk just say, "Well, YOU forgot to put it on the list!" and smirk. It's the ultimate trump card.

 This 60 sheet pad retails for $6 and comes in blue, red and pink. Holiday gift season is hot on our heels and I think this makes a great gift for college students, couples and the just plain forgetful.

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