November 24, 2013


Give it to me straight: is an early 2000's revival happening already in fashion? I came across this outfit on my last browse through the Rebecca Minkoff site. That skirt is like an orange (and longer) version of one I wore to school the first day of 9th grade. Every girl between the ages of 12 and 22 had one of those flippy skirts in 2004 unless you had some kind of self esteem issue re: your legs or you were going through your "other girls are SKANKS, I'm different!" phase.

That shirt is also so ripped from the headlines circa 2005. Remember when Lindsay Lohan wore the Kitson one with that exact phrase on it to TRL after her break-up with Wilmer Valderrama? Remember Kitson? Remember TRL? Remember Wilmer Valderrama? I'm going to include a picture of Lindsay Lohan wearing it - that's a trigger warning so you don't get upset because the picture is from the Mean Girls/Ann Margaret era and it's very jarring to look at in the mugshot and fillers LiLo world we now live in:

It's only right for me to assume that the model in the Rebecca Minkoff photo above is also wearing platform sandals and that J-Kwon's musical masterpiece "Tipsy"* was playing during the photoshoot. I honestly wouldn't hate it if a mid 2000's revival was going to happen. I still have my Elle Woods inspired Tiffany chain link necklace, I'd be pretty pleased if Jessica Simpson re-released her Dessert beauty line and I'm still invested in Laguna Beach. I will not even complain about Paris Hilton posts clogging up OhNoTheyDidn't. Let me know.

*That song was included on a mix CD that was given out by some PTA group during my 8th grade graduation. I like to think they didn't listen to anything beyond the "Teen drinking is very bad..." opening line.


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