October 20, 2013

Artist Palette Jewelry Storage

I haven't posted anything in, what, four months? I'm sure all three of my readers were totally lost without this blog. Let me bring you up to speed on my life: Since July I've lost 2lbs! And then gained them back! And lost them again! I did this probably 20 times. And nothing else. Nothing else besides shopping that is!!

 Impulse! Artist palette plate jewelry organization storage

I think I might have mentioned the paint palette shaped plate I stumbled upon in Nordstrom Rack on here before. I saw it in the Chevy Chase store and obviously loved it because it combined art and food - a small white platter with little indented cups for the "paint". It was only $9 or so but I passed it up because I felt it was just not functional enough for me to own. The cups were obviously for sauces or something and what am I going to use a fancy sauce platter for? I don't entertain guests. I've had one guest at this apartment, ever, and I don't even remember to provide her with mixers when she BYOB's her Jack Daniels. Literally, I once bought MYSELF some watermelon-y juice to go with MY drink and nothing for her. No soda, nothing in my apartment to drink but water and herbal teas. I'm an awful host. It's not like I'd use that plate for myself either. I don't have some kind of perfectly curated EveryGirl lifestyle where I have gold handled kitchen sheers and a lucite stapler on my Parson's desk and roll my own sushi and then arrange it on my paint palette plate after pouring various dipping sauces into the little cups. I wouldn't do more than spoon my Chipotle guacamole into one of the wells and I would be too lazy to even to that. What am I going to use a paint palette platter for?

I left the store without it and then ended up slapping myself on the head the next day because duh! I wasn't thinking with an outside-the-box bloggery mind! That plate would have been great jewelry storage! I could have laid all my every day bracelets on it and put rings and earrings in the little cups! Of course, the plate was long gone by the time I thought this all out and went back to get it. You snooze, you lose at Nordstrom Rack. That original plate is probably having a good life with some stylish Chevy Chase mom who likes to add a bit of interest to her husband's Sunday football gatherings.

A couple months later I was in the Pentagon City Nordstrom Rack location and there it was. The plate, three of them, just waiting to be snatched up without a moments hesitation from me. It works perfectly as a jewelry holder, just like I envisioned. I previously had my most worn jewelry in a giant, messy pile in this square shaped glass bowl which was such loser storage comparatively. The palette plate speaks to my art history obsessed aesthetic and the wells make everything so much more organized. I can actually see where all my shit is, grab it and go.

I feel kind of bad posting about this because I have literally no idea where you can get your own paint palette platter. It was almost the one that got away for me and it was just destined to be in my life, I guess, because I stumbled upon a new one after giving up all hope. Googling "artist palette plates" just brings you to a lot of $80 flat plates that museum websites are selling with artisinal cheeses displayed on them. The brand for my far superior welled version is "Impulse!" and a quick Google of that led me to Wayfair.com. There's no sign of the platter but maybe if you wish hard enough if it appear out of the blue for you like it did for me. Meanwhile, the brand also has a bunch of gorgeous tortoise shell plates, votives and cocktail shakers that I've added to my never ending wishlist.

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