June 1, 2013

Summer Beauty Adaptations

We're only a couple hours shy of the beginning of June and Washington, DC is already roughly the temperature of hell except probably more humid. People who look cute living in DC in the summer are probably all 90lbs and have pixie cuts and no sweat glands. I have no other explanation for how it could be possibly. I was giving looks of pity to people all day long - people in pants, people in closed toed shoes, people with their hair down, basically anyone who wasn't exposing as much skin as you possibly can without getting arrested.

I thought I played it safe with this lightweight, sleeveless, short sundress and that I'd be comfortable all day which is laughable. It took about 2 minutes for my hair to go up in a ponytail (and even that felt sweltering) and for the two bracelets I was wearing to come off. Probably the grossest moment was when I took off my sunglasses to go into a store, looked in a mirror and saw my makeup had completed melted off my face in the spots where the nose pads of my glasses were. I'm making the following changes to my routine starting tomorrow so I don't melt like the Wicked Witch of the West whenever I step outside my apartment:

Regular mascara to waterproof mascara
I hate wearing waterproof mascara. It makes me feel like my eyelashes are going to break off, especially when I try to remove it at the end of the day. Still, that's probably better than unknowingly walking around for a couple hours with a giant black smudge under my left eye (not that that happened to me today)

Foundation to tinted moisturizer
At the very least I'll have to start mixing my foundation with my sunscreen and toning it way way down on the coverage to prevent my face from sliding off

Full eyeshadow to neutral washes of color
Maybe not. But I should.

Always have a bottle of water in my purse
I met up with my boyfriend for dinner after a day of walking around Dupont Circle. Apparently, he planned to get sandwiches and walk to the Mall for a picnic. It was a cute idea that I ruined because I was Snickers commercial level exhausted and hungry and I needed to sit down and drink something RIGHT NOW. 

Get over my insecurities out of necessity
My upper arms are like sequoia tree trunks wrapped in cottage cheese so I cover them with three quarter sleeves or cardigans in the summer. I'm pretty over that after one day in the DC humidity. Tourists can take pictures of my arm fat all day if they want because I'm about ready to burn anything I own that has sleeves. It's going to be all short shorts for my touching thighs and cellulite accenting dresses from here on out.

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