June 22, 2013

Can I Brag About This Deal?

J Crew is always killing me softly with sweaters and pants. I've talked about the pants before. I live and die for J Crew's Minnie pants. I want every color. The same with their sweaters. It's a destructive force in my life. I want every single one. The prices, though. Who has $80 to throw at a sweater? Rich people, I guess, which definitely isn't a demographic I'm a part of. So, I was seriously sad back in May when I saw this sweater.

A J Crew sweater? With BUTTERFLIES? I would. I so would. But for $98 which was the original price? I wouldn't. I wouldn't spend $98 on a cashmere sweater with hand stitched gold embroidery. I'm not spending $98 to fulfill my 13 year old girl obsession with butterflies. The price dropped to $70 online sometime in the past month and still, not even then.

I was browsing J Crew's clearance section this weekend and lo, the sweater was there. Both versions of the sweater, since it also comes in blue with orange butterflies. The tag said it was a mere $30 and I was like okay, okay, this sweater was sent from above to my hands. Obviously the rich, upper crust people who frequent J Crew aren't 13 year old girls like I am and they've cast this perfect butterfly sweater into the clearance section. They don't recognize it's glory so now it can be mine for more than half of what I saw it for online and that was the sale price even so total win. I was pretty pleased with myself when I took it to the register. And then the girl told me it was an extra 25% off. WHAT. She did some kind of magic with the register and it rung up for $17 and change. I blew my fancy J Crew connoisseur cover because I was like "WHAT??????? IT'S $17??? IS THIS REAL????" and she was like, "Because this is on clearance it will be final sale..." and I was like, "HOW COULD I EVER RETURN THIS AMAZING BUTTERFLY SWEATER??? WHAT???" 

I obviously got it in this other color too because two butterfly sweaters for $35 total when they were originally $98? Bye.

You should probably go to J Crew if you're sweater shopping in the summer like I am because they're stopping just short of handing these things out to passerby. $17 for a J Crew sweater? I think I've paid more for a Forever21 sweater that's probably made of plastic.

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