May 13, 2013

Obsession: Butterflies

My parents picked out a pretty great name for me, Vanessa. It's different without being different different, like Rainbow or Apple or Pilot Inspecktor. I've only ever met one other Vanessa in real life, a girl in my college math class. She was clearly equally put off at the existence of another Vanessa and would constantly say "WHICH ONE" during attendance, oblivious to the fact that my last name came before hers in the alphabetical by last name roll call. I sometimes feel like Vanessa Anne Hudgens is stealing my identity too - she has both my first name and middle name. Still, when she got an enormous butterfly tattoo on her neck I almost wanted to take time out of my life to make the rounds on gossip websites and let everyone who was calling her tacky know that they were ignorant. Hello, the name Vanessa MEANS butterfly. She's allowed! I'm sorry your name means "fair" or "honor" or something totally boring.

This is actually a picture of me, a Vanessa atalanta. It's science! Look how beautiful I am! Not a genius but a genus! Wikipedia describes me as striking!

My mom had Vanessa picked out because it was the name of a nurse she worked with so I think she was excited to discover that it meant butterfly. I've grown up with a ton of butterfly things. Butterfly window decals, butterfly shower curtains, on and on. I remember my dad got me a denim baseball cap with my name and a butterfly embroidered on it which I LOVED. I was a butterfly in a ballet recital when I was little and the costume was covered in sequins and had rainbow wings that attached to my wrists so they looked totally real - to this day I'm devastated that I grew out of it. I even got to go to Butterfly World in Florida when I was in fifth grade. I still have a bunch of butterfly things "subtly" around the apartment I share with my boyfriend who is suspiciously not as passionate about butterflies.

Butterflies seem to be having a comeback. Or at least I think they are because I keep seeing them pop up everywhere and in places totally unrelated to 8 year old girls or Mariah Carey. I am in style. Here's some of my butterfly items under the cut and options for where you can find ones of your own.

I have a bunch of butterflies all over my ribbon board. My mom included a pack of the blue green ones in my Easter basket this year.

I have no idea where or when I got this little jar but it's where my hair ties live.

I got this sundress from Target last year and I keep hoping they'll make the exact same pattern and sundress is a different color palette for this season.

An incredibly high quality pair of earrings from Forever21.

Vintage studs and clip ons from a shop in Woodstock.

A charm bracelet with two butterfly charms that my mom had made for me probably 12 years old. Great, now I feel so old.

Urban Decay Mariposa palette
Urban Decay Mariposa palette
The Urban Decay Mariposa palette which I absolutely did not buy just for the packaging! What a hurtful accusation!

My mom got me this mug on a family trip to Costa Rica I didn't go on, a score for me because I didn't have to venture into a country that has spiders the size of my face but still got a beautiful souvenir.

I got this ring for myself from Target. A lavish present of me for me from me.

Here are some butterfly options for your home, closet and jewelry box. Some of these are a bit too subdued for my taste but they definitely give a more grown up and sophisticated feel to the look:

Clockwise from the top left:
Butterfly Pillow (Pier1) - $19, Emile Alain Seguy Coasters (Metropolitan Museum of Art Store) - $32 for a pack of 4, Specimen Poster (Urban Outfitters) - $24, Gliding in Sight Semi Sheer T Shirt (ModCloth) -$25, Gossamer Butterfly Porcelain Tea Set (Teavana) - $100, 18K Gold Butterfly Pendant (Tiffany's) - $550 and $165 for silver, Gold Butterfly Bobby Pins (shopelizabethperry on Etsy) - $18 for a set of 2, Striped Monarch Tippi Sweater (J Crew) - $98, Cath Kidson Make Up Bag (ASOS) - $21

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