May 30, 2013

My Current Favorite Accessories

I've been wearing these accessories almost exclusively since spring began and ask me if I care because I do not. The following items are just so great it's going to take a court order to make me stop.

Roll On Nepal Bracelets Lily and Laura Ebay Bracelets Beaded
Roll On Bracelets
I'm obsessed with these bracelets. Obsessed. I want more than I have pictured about because I want ones in blue and yellow and red and black and white and literally every color combination imaginable because I want to have one that matches every single outfit. They're just so easy. You roll them on your wrist and boom, done and on top of that they're not bulky or dangly or making obnoxious jangling noises when they hit together. They're relatively cheap if you look on eBay. I was looking in a little boutique store by my plastic surgeon in Jersey the other week and they had rows of these. They were admittedly shinier than mine and I'm sure they were made of nicer materials and all but I asked the salesgirl how much they were and she told me $20 apiece. I couldn't even keep the incredulous look off my face. Places are selling these at upwards of $20 each and you can get them on eBay buy 3 get 1 free for about $22. And that's the point of these - buying multiple bracelets and mixing and matching and stacking them. I just love the way two or three of them look together and it's just so effortless.

 Beaded Earrings
I ordered the green pair online from Forever21 and my boyfriend rolled his eyes when they arrived and I went off about how I didn't expect them to be so small. The silver pair is from a World Market clearance bin and it shows because they're miserable to shove through my ears. Look at that fastening, I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. I do, I was thinking "Giant $3 beaded hoop earrings? Meant for me!" They're actually super flimsy too - I ended up having one just shoot off my ear onto a pile of books in the NGA giftshop - but who cares? Not me. I should probably be wearing neither because my ears hate cheap earrings and my lobes always swell up and itch. But where else am I going to get giant, shoulder dusting, tacky hoop earrings other than from cheapo stores? Riddle me that.

 OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
 OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
I like to wait until the heyday of summer for my neons so I can be sure I'll have them on when the sun is making them their glowiest. My favorite nail polish until then is this green that I've been waiting all winter to use again. This is probably one of my top 10 nail polish colors of all time. It's such a perfect pastel shade of green and I reach for it over and over again when the weather starts to warm up.

 Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote in Navy Purse
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote in Navy
I had never heard of Longchamp before I got to Boston. Longchamp is everywhere in Boston. I don't even know how to describe it to you. I feel like they should just had every 20 something girl a Longchamp bag the day she signs a lease there. It's uniform level. You know how people always bitch about how all college girls wear the same Northface fleece and VS Pink sweatpants and Ugg boots? Boston is like that with Longchamp bags except that it's every single woman, not just college aged girls. I liked the look of it a lot when I was up there and wanted one and everything but at the same time I was always like "I don't know, $145 for a nylon tote bag?" I'm cool with the prices of most designer bags but paying top dollar for buttery soft, quality leather just feels like a smarter decision than paying more than $50 for a plain nylon bag.

I ultimately asked for it for Valentine's Day because I figured it would be a good carry on bag for bus trips or flights or something. I was going on a trip about a month later so I thought I'd just keep it in my closet until then and then eventually have a nice looking bag for my magazines and cosmetic case and stuff for my flight. This idea of putting this bag away for a month is absurd to me at this point because this is the greatest bag I have ever used. I understand why EVERYONE in Boston carries them and why a bunch of women down here in DC have them too. This bag is just too good. I cannot even believe myself that I waited almost 5 years between seeing this bag and thinking it was cute and actually getting it. That trip I went on a month after? The one where I thought I'd just use this bag as a carry on? I went and walked around a Longchamp store and had to talk myself out of buying another in a new color because this bag is good enough to have two.

It's so practical because it fits over your shoulder so you're not hurting the crook of your arm when you carry it. It's waterproof so if it starts to downpour you just zip it up and don't even think twice about your phone getting wet or your bag getting ruined. It stays relatively compact and flat against your side no matter how much you stuff it - I've been to crowded bars while carrying it and it was just no thing. It's super roomy so you can tote around all your Tide pens and band aids and 5 lipsticks and whatever else if you're a pack rack like me. And then, somehow, it just defies physics and gravity and whatever else and it's super lightweight still. I met with a friend after I had just got it and she said she had just got one too and mentioned she couldn't believe how light it was and I was like I KNOOOOOOW!!! and we were just stereotypical squealing at each other over how easy this bag is to carry around. I have no idea how they managed to make such a lightweight tote bag. It's probably some kind of French sorcery. 

I see someone carrying one of these totes (in the same color, even) literally every day I go downtown and there's a reason for that. It's just the perfect everyday bag. I have other purses that I like more but none that I like to carry more, if that makes sense. It's so practical and functional that it almost makes me angry.
 Forever21 Forever 21 Sunglasses Wayfarer Cat Eye
Forever21 Sunglasses
I have about 10 pairs of sunglasses, all of which are some bright color and none of which cost more than $10. I figured I should get a neutral, boring pair in case I ever go somewhere where bright purple CosmoGirl brand shades would be inappropriate. I briefly though about getting actual nice sunglasses but ultimately just ordered this $5 pair from Forever21 because that's how I handle things. I thought they'd be big without being bug eyed big and that was that. Kind of Wayfarer meets cat eye. Jack and Jackie in one pair of glasses. I didn't even think about it that far, I just said "this will work" to myself and ordered them.

Now I'm obsessed with these glasses. I used to always forget my sunglasses at home and kick myself but I'm always wearing this pair. Not even so much for sun protection but just because I like the way they look. They fit my face and hide a big portion of it but do it without being over the top or concealing too much of my brows in case I want to use them to be expressive. I think I paid $5.80 for these things and I'm protective of them like they're Chanel or something. I couldn't find a case for them in a store so I went on eBay to find them and just bought the first suitable case I found in a frenzy because I needed these glasses to be protected as soon as possible. I HATE the case I picked out but it was there and I just ordered it because I was scared to wear these in the meantime because what if they got scratched up in my aforementioned Mary Poppins purse? Things on the Forever21 site don't last forever, what if they got scratched and I could never find a similar pair ever again? My stress game was this high over a pair of sunglasses that costs less than the pack of toilet paper sitting in my bathroom. I don't even feel bad because I just found them on the site and two of the three reviews are people freaking out about the black version going out of stock or saying that they wanted to buy3 different pairs just in case because they couldn't bear it if something happened to them. People are begging in capslock for these to be restocked because they're that flattering.

I've been to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus and everything since getting these and I'm so over it when I look at the designer sunglasses. All of the Armani and Gucci glasses, I look at them and just think, "Meh, these don't look as good as my $5.80 sunglasses..." I literally check the weather and when I see it's raining I'm not thinking about how annoying it will be to have to use an umbrella and all that, I'm just pissed because I'm not going to be able to wear my sunglasses that day. None of this is hyperbole. I'm ready to go knocking on doors, interrupting family dinners to be like, "Excuse me, ma'am, do you have a moment to talk about the salvation that Forever21 sunglasses offer?" I feel real passion for these shades.

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