May 27, 2013

If You're Ever in DC: Georgetown Waterfront

One of my favorite places in DC is the waterfront at the edge of Georgetown. The area is a great place to just sit and people watch when the weather is nice. There's a little park where tons of people bring their dogs, sprinkler fountains where people bring their kids and waterside restaurants like Tony and Joe's and Sequoia where you can drink and eat crab cakes and drink. The best part is a row of steps that leads down to the water that offers prime views of boaters, the Kennedy Center, Watergate and the Arlington skyline. Plus, there's always about half a dozen ducks floating around. Nature!

Georgetown water front waterfront Potomac River Kennedy Center Watergate Hotel ducks

Georgetown water front waterfront Potomac River Rosslyn Arlington VA skyline

 Georgetown waterfront water front Potomac River Rosslyn Arlington VA skyline

 Georgetown waterfront water front duck Potomac River
I highly recommend making a reservation at one of the waterside restaurants if you're ever in DC. One of the best meals I've had in recent memory was at Tony and Joe's. The Yelp reviews are pretty middle of the road but I couldn't get over how good the food was. My boyfriend and I split the crab cakes and filet mignon entrees because we couldn't decide and I could practically cut the steak with a fork even though I ordered it well done. It was one of those meals where I was literally forcing the bites down by dessert because I couldn't bear to leave a single morsel of food on my plate even though I was stuffed. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was delicious, from the bread to the side vegetables to the drinks.

If you don't go the restaurant route, you can visit the waterfront in the middle or after a shopping trip in Georgetown. It's a good place to sit with an ice cream or a froyo or whatever if you're more weight conscious than I am. I took a bit of a break there today to feed the ducks between window shopping at West Elm and gorging myself on Haagen Dazs up on M Street. I ended up soaking in the beauty of nature by not only watching the ducks swim around but by watching a guy get passive aggressively rejected while trying to hit on a mom who clearly wanted to be left alone to play with her daughter. Nature is so beautiful sometimes.

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