May 28, 2013

Home Decor and Fine Art

I'm (hopefully) moving come August and always find myself obsessed with interior design blogs months before I switch apartments. I love looking at other peoples' spaces. This is partially because I'm nosy - I love to go through drawers and purses and wallets of friends (with their permission) just to see the things they have and how their needs or style is different from mine. But, it's mostly because I get majorly inspired for new ways to arrange my furniture or to organize my closet or to decorate my place. I have bookmarks upon bookmarks of house tours on Apartment Therapy or room tours on Livejournal just because there was a rug or a mirror or something in one of the photos that I died over and have to recreate.

Still, a lot of the time I get majorly weirded out when I'm stalking total strangers' private space via the internet. Sometimes people have nothing on their walls. Nothing. Totally bare. I have the hardest time finding SPACE on my walls for the things I want. My walls would look like a 19th century French salon exhibition or a poster plastered teenager's room if I had my way and you're telling me some people have zero to hang on theirs? I get that some people are minimalists (well, I don't 'get it' because I'm the opposite) but it doesn't seem to be an aesthetic choice for a lot of people. There will be a regular, young adult, Ikea furnished type of living room with bookcases filled with knick knacks and throw pillows on the couch and all but just barren walls. Either that or people say that they "have to find something to put there" which is fucking bananas to me. Like, that picking out art is as much of a chore and a thing that has to be done as finding a pasta strainer or a TV stand. I've seen it with my own eyes - just watched helplessly as a friend showed me this horrible, generic canvas painting of a city skyline that he planned to hang in his apartment. I asked if it was of the city where we went to school and was slack jawed when he was like, "Oh, no, I don't know what it is. I just found this at Home Goods the other day, I needed something to hang over my couch and it's big enough." What the fuck?? I've seen the other side of the coin, too - both of my boyfriend's college roommates didn't hang up one single thing. Not one. They just didn't have anything they liked. Their side of the room always look so cold and impersonal, like they were waiting to throw all their clothes in a bag and leave in the middle night as if they were never there at all

It makes me sad. It really does. Art is really inspiring and it's the most accessible way to personalize your space when you're decorating. Why just impulse buy some bargain bin selection from Target or neglect your walls all together? Art history is so vast and so varied and I really believe there's a favorite artist for everyone if they just cared to look. It's the same reason seeing posters of Starry Night or The Persistence of Memory over and over irks me. Like, is that REALLY your favorite piece of art of all time? Is that even your favorite Van Gogh or Dali piece? Is that even your favorite post impressionist or surrealist piece because who knows, maybe you like Cezanne or Ernst more? Maybe you'd love another artist or movement all together but you'd just never know because you've never looked. I get sad at hell over people insisting Nighthawks or A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is their all time favorite piece. I'm not knocking any of these works but just because they're the most famous in hundreds upon hundreds years of art doesn't mean they're best. I think everyone should find what speaks to them, especially when it comes to picking out something for their home that they have to live with every day.

So, I'm going to do a couple of posts on art that I feel would be really nice for decorating your home or apartment. Maybe someone will see something new that inspires them. Maybe someone will see something that would be the perfect fit for that glaringly empty wall in the bathroom. Whatever. Either way, I'll feel accomplished if even one person finds a piece of art they like to decorate their space with instead of settling for some black and white poster of the Empire State Building. Your home should reflect you and I really, truly believe everyone on the planet has a favorite work of art that they don't even know exists yet. What better way to decorate than with that? Why wouldn't you want to decorate with art? That's why so much of it exists - sure, a lot of it is meant to be thought provoking or social commentary or a reflection of the artist or whatever else but a lot is just meant to be hung on the wall, looked at and admired. You wouldn't even believe how cheap some of it is, too. I'll only include prints or posters you can easily find on places like and museum websites, most for cheaper than $25.

Who knows, maybe you'll something that finally speaks to you here. You can put my thank you note in the mail.

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