May 29, 2013

Hedgehog Nail Brushes

 Hedgehog nail brushes Target

I think everyone in America can identify with going into Target just to look or to get "one thing" (it's always just "one thing") and leaving with a full cart full of stuff you didn't even know you "needed" - like these hedgehog nail brushes.

 Hedgehog nail brushes Target
If you're interested, they're sold in a pack of two in that awful dollar section at the very front of the store. That little aisle that they put right by the entrance so you can just black out as soon as you enter the building. Where you end up with a cart filled with $1 children's Hello Kitty socks and $1 plastic storage containers and $1 hair clips and $1 hedgehog nail brushes before you've even been in the store for 2 minutes. That aisle. I know you know where it is.

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