April 26, 2013

Nail Polish Haul: Nordstrom Rack

I've lived close to a Nordstrom Rack for about a year now but never stopped in until yesterday, mostly out of fear that it would be all gorgeous designer things that are still too expensive for me even at 60% off. I finally went in with the intention of killing time while waiting for the bus and ended up full on missing the bus because Nordstrom Rack is amazing. I didn't even touch the clothes section and just spent some time squeezing my dirty middle class feet into fancy discount shoes. I petted a half off Rebecca Minkoff chocolate brown MAB. I looked at running shoes, pretending to know what the features were. I went to the escalator to leave when then, right next to the exit, I discovered that Nordstrom Rack sells discount makeup and nail polish. Then I blacked out and left with these.

Butter London Shambolic Jack the Lad Scuppered Nail Polish Nordstrom Rack 3 pack
These were sold as a trio but that packaging is long gone. They're holiday 2012 colors and the boxed trio retailed for $36. I almost passed out when I saw the price sticker said $14. $14???? For 3 butter Londons? $14 is the cost of ONE butter London a year ago since they recently bumped up the price to $16. There were about 20 of these packs on the shelves and I wanted to yell at everyone just milling around, ignoring this great deal. Like, hello, this store is just GIVING AWAY 2 full bottles of relatively new designer glitter nail polish.

Butter London Shambolic Jack the Lad Scuppered Nail Polish Nordstrom Rack 3 pack

They also had singles of Shambolic and Dosh, a butter London I've been wanting but not $14 wanting. $6 wanting? Yes. Like, do I want a butter London for less than the price of some Sally Hansens? And one I don't already have (a feat for me) and one I've been lusting after? Highway robbery.

 Butter London Dosh Nordstrom Rack Butter London Dosh Nordstrom Rack

Overpriced designer shoes and bags are still a hard sell for me but marked down nail polish is a done deal. 4 polishes for a little over the price of one? I'm going to be sleuthing all over DC's Nordstrom Racks now for this kind of gold mine.

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