April 29, 2013

April Non Beauty Favorites

I'm sure everyone else has better things to do with their lives but I always spend the end of the month watching monthly favorites videos on Youtube. What did some irrelevant 19 year old from California like best this month? It's vital information for my everyday life. Why not add what some irrelevant 22 year old in Washington, DC likes best this month to the internet too? Admittedly, this was kind of hard for this month because I was recovering from surgery for half of it. A more accurate list would include things like pajamas, prescription pain killers, mouth breathing and soft foods.

 Orchid tulip bouquet spring flowers
I'm setting some spring ambiance with this photo of a bouquet my boyfriend got me last week. He remembered 2 of my top 3 favorite flowers AND threw out the baby's breath they added to the arrangement because he knows I don't play around with lowly filler flowers. What a guy.
Without further ado, my April non beauty favorites.

Jacques Lowe

via the Newseum flickr
Anyone who knows me knows I'm white girl crazy over the Kennedys. My mom got me tickets to the Newseum to see the JFK Three Shots Were Fired exhibit but I ended up totally enthralled with the Creating Camelot section instead. It featured dozens of prints taken by Jacques Lowe, Kennedy's campaign and personal photographer, all of them totally stunning. I'm a museum enthusiast but always pretty meh about photography exhibits but this one blew me away. Just a quick walk through really shows how Lowe created the "Camelot" image for the family - every photograph shows the family as young, stylish, and vibrant. It gives all the photos an eerie tone that Lowe could have never imagined given all the misfortune that today's viewers know was only months away from some of the happy images. I've been obsessively googling Lowe's photography since my trip but it really doesn't hold a candle to seeing the images in person. My boyfriend practically had to pull me out of the exhibit because I could have spent literal hours in there.

I extra love this shot of John F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson and Robert Kennedy, who happens to be my personal favorite historical figure of all time, which was taken as JFK offered LBJ the vice presidential nom. Look at the ice cold bitchface RFK is shooting LBJ. It's a thing of beauty.

Jacques Lowe, Kennedys Meet with Johnson, 1960


No spoilers: Holy shit, are you watching Homeland? Homeland is so good. My mom has been all about CSI/NCIS/mystery type of shows since before those shows were even thing and has been watching Homeland from the get go. I kind of half watched the first season finale as it aired with her and even knowing those crucial details didn't ruin the experience for me. My boyfriend and I started it at the beginning of this month and I felt kind of meh going into it, especially since I was envisioning it as a homeland security version of the West Wing which we had just finished and didn't enthrall me as much as I'd have hoped. Holy shit, though! Homeland is so good! I won't spoil anything but I'll tell you it's one of those shows where you literally have no idea what's going to happen. Like, you know how with Dexter or something you're never really TOO worried that he'll get caught in like episode 4 of season 3 or something? Homeland is totally not like that. The writers are loose cannons. They toss out total game changers all the time and the quality of the show never decreases. It never feels like drama for the sake of water cooler gossip and how are they going to keep this up or whatever even though these shocking things are happening. Never before have I just full on gasped at a TV show like I gasp at Homeland. My boyfriend and I finished the entire series in about 4 days because we were almost literally like that Portlandia Battlestar Galacltica skit, just going, "Okay, another. Another. WHAT JUST HAPPENED, ANOTHER!" Plus, the lead actors are pretty superb. Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya!) is pretty dear to my heart, especially because of why he ditched his starring role on Criminal Minds


Something about warm weather makes me want to be a whole lot less decisive about my bracelets and just wear 8 on my arm at once. I particularly like stacking the beaded ones which are from an eBay shop and roll on and off the wrist. An eBay search for "roll on bracelet" pulls up a pretty wide selection. The "brand" name for these is Lily and Laura (a Tumblr friend who lives in Alabama has told me they're available in boutiques down there) and are a couple dollars more than what I paid but probably better quality. Mine feel like plastic instead of glass beads but they look cute enough that I don't care. You can scour through different listings and find every pattern and color imaginable but, not surprisingly, I stuck with pinks and metallics.
Excuse my pasty skin, I'm Ukrainian American so I never had a chance


The skinny rhinestone one is from Violets Blue, an accessories shop on Long Island where I could probably drop a thousand easy on scarves and bracelets. I had two of these for maybe a full month and a half before one disappeared from my wrist in a Vegas casino and needless to say, was never seen again. I'm still salty thinking about how some tourist in jorts probably snatched it off the floor.

Either would probably mesh well with a range of other wrist accessories, whether it's friendship bracelets that I'm not crafty enough to make or a watch that you're pretending to use while really just checking the time on your phone.

Missed Connections

I've rediscovered Craigslist Missed Connections this month. I read them before bed as a kind of end of the day routine and screenshot ones I like (obviously that pretentious one from the top would stick with me) or that make me laugh. I try not to think too much about them so I don't ruin them with my honesty, because let's be real, I'm sure a lot of these are written by men who were making women uncomfortable with their leering or people trying to insert themselves into others' lives who don't really want them there or feel the same way. Like, I'm sure that woman was looking at you and kind of smiling because you smelled weird and were looking down her shirt and she didn't want you to get pissed and follow her home. There's even a lot of "did you mean to give me the wrong number??" posts and yeah, bro, she did. With the suspension of disbelief, a lot of them seem kind of sweet or hopeful. It's just such a human thing to hope someone was noticing you. I check the Boston ones often just as a nice reminder of home. The middle one from there that I saved the night after the Watertown chase/Boston lockdown is heart wrenching.

I never check for myself because I try to look as unapproachable as possible when I'm alone in public. Still, I saw one last night from the Arlington area that just had "Vanessa" as the title so either someone is wearing my skin and going into Virginia and posing as me OR there may be more than one girl named Vanessa in the DC metro area. Might have to cold case that one.

Beverage Dispenser

via Target.com
I drink tea, water and vodka exclusively and I don't know what I was thinking living my life without a beverage dispenser. I picked up a short, fat, clear dispenser (not the uggo one shown above) from Target and it's life changing. I throw about 6 teabags in with water, steep the tea and then stick the thing in the fridge and end up with enough iced tea to last a week. I don't have to resort to boring water or soda which I'm never feeling. I don't even have to take a pitcher out of the fridge and lift my arm to pour it. I just stick a cup under the tap and it does all the work for me. Living a life of luxury.

 Target Merona Emily Sandal in White

 Target Merona Emily Sandals in White
I suffer from cankles and Fred Flinestone feet so my usual go to flip flops were starting to look a little too Britney circa 2006 on me. This alternative was cheap and comfortable and makes my feet look less ugly stepsister. Plus, I find sandals always look a little more like you're making an effort with your looks even though they're virtually no different than flip flops. These ones are available in pewter, black, yellow, plum and a really pretty green. They cost under $20 and kind of look it but I'm bougie enough to be into it.

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