April 28, 2013

Anthropologie Celestial Coasters

Anthropologie Celestial Coasters
Anthropologie has the most beautiful selection of coasters right now. My friend told me they look like they've grown mold but what does he know, he doesn't even HAVE a blogspot lifestyle blog. Yeah, yeah, they're functional and all, especially with the rubber grips on the bottom that keeps them from sliding all over the table. But let's get real, it was more of an aesthetic than a functional purchase. Coasters have only been a thing in my life since I purchased these and only because I want an excuse to use them. I truly feel like I'm neurotic in every way now that I can yell "PUT THAT DRINK ON A COASTER!!"

The Anthropologie website sells them in a set of 4 for $32 but I recommend buying in store. Not only will you be able to buy as many as you want for $8 a piece, you'll also be able to mix and match. There are 15 colors to choose from and each individual coaster is unique. I dug through the stacks to find the ones that interested me the most but there were a bunch of other knock outs that I left in the store. Two choice selections:

Celestial coasters, Rose, Anthropologie.com
Celestial Coasters, Dark blue, Anthropologie.com
The dark blue ones are particularly gorgeous to me. They look almost ink stained. The vibes for the entire line of colors range from earth science textbook to abstract watercolors of something from outerspace. Stylish and functional AND something that forces you to pretend that you're more adult than you actually are. It's like how I pat myself on the back for trying to wear flip flops less frequently because I'm not a teenager anymore. You don't have to commit to any real adult life changes, like being emotionally available or paying bills on time, but boy, do you feel mature. Buying coasters just because they're shiny and pretty, I really am growing up.

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